Hello Day!

A children’s book to normalize and validate feelings around trauma. By Claudia Bisso-Fetzer, Ph.D. Illustrated by Lieve Maas

Book CoverHello Day is a children’s book written by Claudia Bisso-Fetzer, Ph.D and illustrated by Lieve Maas. It has wonderful images to help children, parents and therapists normalize and validate feelings around trauma.

Hello Day!

Available in English and Spanish!

  • This book is a therapeutic alliance between the clinician and child, between the clinician and parent, between the parent and the child and between the clinician and the family.
  • The book supports children (age: 3-12 yrs old) who experienced different types of trauma.
  • It is a therapeutic tool to clinicians to work with children in the therapy room and to facilitate engagement of parents in the treatment process.

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